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"A Tired Dog, Is A Good Dog" 


At Bella's Kanine Training & Pet Care we strive to give all of our clients

the utmost care for the their pets. From training to canine wellness to pet nutrition,

we want all pets to be happy & healthy inside and out.

Our Training Philosophy

We use Relationship-based training methods that aim to strengthen the relationship between human and canine through an empathetic approach. The benefits of relationship based training achieves mutual respect to both human and canine. 

The relationship should be filled with Love, Trust and Respect so harmony can be produced in and out of the home.

We use positive rewards such as treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination along with the individual needs of both your family and your dog. Just as every human is different, so is every dog. Age, sex, breed and temperament, as well as your dogs particular history can influence their behavior. Our training and wellness programs takes all of

these elements into account to construct a detailed program based on your pack.

We are a holistic based company from freeze dried raw treats we use for training to herbal therapy treatments to advising a biologically appropriate diet for you dog. We work hard to provide a healthier alternative to western medicines so that your dog can thrive to their best ability.

To inquire about all training courses, behavior modification and rehabilitation, please fill out our form.

The 2024 Spring & Summer enrollment is open.

Serving All Of Rochester, New York

Classes Start: June 15th and end October 5th

We offer small group classes up to 5 students per class, giving personalized attention to each student. It is important that each handler understand the lessons and homework given to help your dog learn and grow.

Doggie Stay

We offer Gift Cards in different amounts. These make wonderful gifts for new puppy parents. The cards can be used for training, pet care, pet nutrition courses, K9 wellness programs and wedding paws services.

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