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"Got Bentley back tonight from Nichole and he was like a whole new puppy obviously in a good way. She is wonderful at what she does and I would recommend her if you need training for even the littlest matter if your dog is good or her! She makes a difference. I'm amazed at how 4 days with him has made him free of accidents in house, not being destructive, not being so crazy and totally (calm) and most of all learning the basics. LOVE my puppy and LOVE you Nichole! THANK YOU! I seriously cant believe what a difference. I can tell he has gotten it in him and knows. THANK YOU for helping me thru this too and learning as it is hard for me to do I would rather him be a good boy and will definitely be keeping this up. xoxoxox"

-Lacey and Dillon

​“Nichole rates an excellent.Nichole is very good with animals and gets their attention immediately as she did with my 11 yr. old poodle.  He 'gets it' and catches on quickly.  His problem was that he thought he was 'in charge' and the 'leader' in the household.  Nichole came with a plan and was very organized.  She taught both inside and outdoors.  It is up to me to continue with practicing what was taught and you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks because he learned even though at times he wanted to do it 'his way.'  I am very pleased with the progress that was made; i.e., focus, down command, proper walking, giving of items, etc. etc. I would highly recommend Nichole as a teacher for any future training/behavior dog issues...”-Diane S.

"Our big boy Mr. Toby was such a giant handful, we thought we might have to part with him. That was before we met Nichole. She is such a wonderful trainer with personality plus! We knew we were in trouble as we couldn't control him because of our age and his size. We are 75 and he is over 100lbs. She taught us to be the boss (he thought we was) and from there we learned how to make him a nicer boy. After he tripped me while walking him, I was afraid to try again, as I fell and broke a finger and my wrist. By his 3rd day of training, I was walking him with confidence and still do. He is still stubborn but we now can handle him. We are so very grateful that we heard about Nichole from our friend. We would recommend her to anyone needing help training their dog.Thanks Nichole!"

-Jerry & Joanne Beaumont

We recently purchased a female GSD from Craigslist that was about 4.5 months old, only to find out that she did have some behavioral issues such as food aggression. We already have a male mixed German Shepard and we wanted to make sure that they get along. After a few weeks working with Mandi (GSD) on our own, we knew we needed to get some professional help. I came across Bella's Kanine Training website, so I called and spoke with Nichole. We discuss the situation and set up an appointment for a FREE consultation. Nichole is great, she is professional and certainly knows what she is talking about. She had set up a training plan for Mandi to be successful but yet challenging. Her training consisted of all the basic commands plus techniques on how to solve our dogs food aggression issue. Her knowledge of dogs is unbelievable. She opened our eyes to many dog behaviors that we were not aware of and what to look for. Nicole also noticed self esteem issues with our other dog Tanner. She helped us understand what to do to help Tanner over come his issue. Nichole is very devoted to her job, she always stayed until the lesson was completely understood. She provides great feedback and lots of notes for you to use over and over. I strongly recommend her and if you need to talk with someone who has experienced her training methods feel free to ask Nichole for my contact info. We are very happy and grateful that Nichole helped us with our Mandi and Tanner."

-Mario & Melody

"As a six-month old puppy, Bentley was starting to show aggressiveness towards other dogs and was an awkward greeter of people. Nichole was able to help us understand that Bentley was acting out of fear. Nichole showed us how to read his body language and take control of a situation before it escalated. Nichole also had Bentley face his fears with other dogs by learning how to properly greet a new dog. We continue to work with Bentley and are thrilled with the progress he has made. We have had dogs our whole life and Nichole taught me things about dogs that I never knew! I can't say enough good things about Nichole and HIGHLY recommend her for training."

-The Maloney family

"When we first contacted Nichole, Lambeau controlled us in ways that we did not even realize. He would listen, but only on his own terms. He would tolerate being picked up, but only when he was okay with it. He had viciously bitten me when I tried to pick him up, so I called Nichole. Now, Lambeau's behavior has improved so much. We don't have to worry anymore how he will react when we pick him up, which was our main concern. He also listens to commands so much more consistently now, and finally realizes that following our commands is not a choice. We went from worrying about needing to give him back to having a puppy whose behavior receives compliments from guests. He still has some work to do, but we are so happy with how far he has come. Thanks Nichole!"

-Rachel G.

"We wanted to thank you for all the help and hard work you put into teaching us how to train our dogs. We were really having a hard time keeping them under control on walks, and when someone came to the door, all bets were off! You gave us the perfect tools to keep their barking at a minimum, and now we can actually walk past people on the street without tugging back our crazy jumping dogs and apologizing profusely for their behavior. It has become enjoyable to take them on walks. We're still working on that door, but now that we have gotten Max to sit at a distance while we let company in, we are improving on that every time someone comes over. Thank you!"

-Hannah and Joel

"We knew that having a new bullmastiff was a new experience and that if we wanted to have the best experience training was going to be mandatory.  Therefore, we searched and were fortunate to find Nichole. We knew that Harry was going to be a very large dog and we did not want a physical challenge to be part of every day. We worked with Nichole and Harry to develop a clear understanding of how we should control the environment and practice the methods to communicate with Harry on what we wanted and how to integrate Harry into our home and social interaction.  Simply stated we are extremely pleased with Nichole’s methods, dedication to success and the  willingness to a work as long as it would take to get the desired result.  As a result of Nichole’s great efforts we have a very happy well trained dog and very happy owners."

-Jim & Ann Foley

"Nichole is just an awesome person. She knows everything about dogs and you see it right away. She knows exactly what the problems are with your dog in just the first meeting. She will set you up with the proper training and start right away. With just one session in my dog Rascal was becoming a better behaved dog. Not only does she train your dog she trains everyone in the household and that's 8 of us on what to do and what not to. She is the best thing we could have done for our dog and our family. NICHOLE YOU ARE THE BEST."

-Adam Bennett

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