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Pet Nutrition Testimonials

I was recommended to work with Nichole by a coworker and I am so thankful that we had that conversation. Nichole went through the basics with me in our first class so I had a wealth of knowledge about dog nutrition available to me right away. It is obvious how much she loves animals! She was able to get me onto a kibble first to help transition us to a better option before we went all in for raw. It felt like I was able to make the right choices and be supported in them.


When it came time for the all out raw diet, again, I was thankful for Nichole’s guidance. She was able to walk me though my options and helped me to build a plan that I could keep up with. She offered the total DIY options and the ways to make it all a bit easier. She provided links, recipes, and a general guide on what to do. After I got all my ingredients and was ready to go, she helped me pay close attention to the pups weight and take of a few pounds so they aren’t so “fluffy” anymore.  The pups are over the moon about their meals and their pops are perfect. So easy to clean up. I also feel really good about what I feed them as opposed to the dried brown bits. Nichole has been there for all my anxious dog-mom food questions and concerns with kindness and understanding.


Thank you Nichole for helping to make these two silly puppies lives healthier and tastier!

Hoping you and your pack are well!

-Minnie, Neville, Kelly, & Jonathan 

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