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Our Mission

“Train Your Dog The Positive Way”
At Bella's Kanine Training, we feel very strongly that a successful relationship is created between dog and human by building trust, respect and understanding. We believe in and use positive training methods that enhance the communication between handler and dog.
We do not use or tolerate inhumane punishment-based methods, as we feel that this type of punishment breaks down the relationship between dog and handler and in itself, escalates mistrust, fear and aggression.
We teach our courses using positive-reinforcement-based training and encourage the use of humane "people empowering" techniques in our classes.

My name is Nichole Petrie and I grew up in Sothern California surrounded by dogs my whole life. I trained my first dog at the age of 5. A pure bred Chow Chow who I named Shera. From a young age, my parents have always encouraged me to work with animals. They were a large part of my influence and decision to go into the Animal Industry as an advocate, supporter, and Dog Trainer.

In 2007 a 6 week old Golden/Lab mix puppy named Bella came into my life. I started with her training and one year later, I adopted Buddy an American Standard Black Lab. Once Buddy completed full rehabilitation and training with myself, I soon started to fully train and rehabilitate my family and friends dogs. During that time, I adopted a broken and battered Pitbull, named Ranger, who was the bait dog in a dog fighting rink. He was quickly welcomed in our pack with Bella & Buddy fully rehabilitating him to be a fully trained, well balanced dog and companion for a young family who then adopted him from me.

In April of 2009, I applied for Animal Behavior College Dog Training/Behavior program and was accepted. I am ABCDT Certified and a Certified Pet Nutritionist (2017).

I won Dog Trainer of the Year 2020 for Rochester's Best Of Awards. 

My passion for guiding my clients to learn leadership roles and to better communicate with their dogs is what drives me. I do not breed discriminate. I am committed to helping your pack grow into harmony with love, trust and respect.


Buddy, Bobo, Freyja and Cali are Nichole's most trusted pack members. Freyja attends many private sessions and group classes to aid in training, proper socialization and play time. 

Bella officially retired from training in January of 2016. She has helped many families over her 9 years. She brings a smile to everyone that meets her. In May 2016 she was diagnosed with cancer of her spleen and liver.

On November 7th 2016, Bella lost her battle with cancer. She passed away at home surrounded by her pack in the arms of her loving mom Nichole. She was an amazing dog and she helped so many dogs and humans on the importance of living in the moment.

Buddy officially retired from training July 2016 at the age of 9. He now spends his retirement lounging on the couch and enjoying his time getting lots of cuddles and sun bathing.

On July 11th 2023, Buddy passed away peacefully in the arms of his loving mom Nichole. Buddy was the most handsome man with the strength of loyalty to his mom for 16 years. 

Bella & Buddy are now together forever with their 14 pups. 

Bobo is 10 years of age and filled with happiness and a tremendous amount of love to give. Although he is semi-retired, he enjoys working with dogs who need to learn proper ways to play and socialize. He also helps with emotional needs of humans who are stressed or anxious. 

California Paige (Cali) is our 5 year old Calico cat that has joined our pack and has does a tremendous job helping our guest dogs control their impulse. She is calm and fully understands how to read and observe every dog that enters the home.

Freyja Rose - Yellow Labrador

She comes to us from a previous client who could not provide her with the training she needed. She has been a wonderful asset to the pack and has done well training and rehabilitating dogs. At 4 years old, she is filled with joy and energy that brings a smile to everyone's face.

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