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Our Training Services

"A tired dog, is a good dog." There are many ways to keep your dog tired. We first introduce how to mentally work your dog to grow their thinking and cognitive skills. Then how to physically exercise your dog to keep fit and healthy.

Dog Walk

Private Training

Private training sessions are one-on-one focus for you and your family members. These sessions help to develop a bond and safe zone in your home for your dog(s). Courses offered are Puppy, Basic, Behavior Modification, Learn The Proper Walk and Bringing Home Baby.

Group Classes

Group classes are held indoors at a pet store location. These classes are great for puppies & dogs that would strive well in a group setting. They will learn social skills and training cues to set them on a path of success.

We offer Gift Cards in different amounts. These make wonderful gifts for new puppy parents. The cards can be used for training, pet care, pet nutrition courses, K9 wellness programs and wedding paws services.

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