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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to train my dog?

Although we have standard pricing for sessions, every case is different. During the consultation we observe your dog and your family along with a behavior questionnaire to better assess the problems you are having in and out of the home. All questions and concerns will be address during that time along with payment options. All training fees are non refundable.

Do you offer payment plans for training?

Yes we offer different payment options:

  1. Pay in full

  2. Two payments

  3. Pay $125 - $300 towards the total due at signing of training contract. The balance is split up into payments due per training session.

  4. Other payment arrangements can be made regarding Boarding & Training Programs.

All fees are non refundable.

How long is a training session/class?

All session times are listed on the Private Training page. However if more time is needed for certain cases there is no additional charge. 

What is required for training?

We will need to see the Vet paperwork to make sure your pets are up to date on all required shots. We also highly suggest to add Bordetella to curve kennel cough. We provide treats for the first session. You can then purchase these treats on your own. Fig & Tyler

What type of food should I feed my dog?

We here at BKT are large supporters of an all natural diet or RAW Feeding. For kibble diets we suggest No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy, No Food Dyes and No By-Product meal. There are many natural dog food companies that make great natural and holistic food to keep your dog healthy inside and out. We highly suggest Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Kibble.

We do offer a Raw Feeding Class for anyone interested in learning the world of raw.

How often should I walk my dog?

Daily walks to keep the exercise high is ideal. If you can not walk your dog daily, please contact us for our Pet Care Service and we can walk your dog for you.

How much is a Consultation or Meet & Greet?
  • In Home Training Consultations are $50.00 or more depending on your location. To book your consultation $10.00, will be due. The remaining amount will be due after the consultation.

  • Phone Training Consultations are $25.00

  • Wellness Consultations are $45.00.

  • Pet Nutrition Phone Consultations are $20.00

  • Meet & Greets are $25.00. Please see our Pet Care Services for more information.

  • Gift Cards are available

All fees are non refundable.

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