Kanine Wellness

We offer a holistic approach to your dogs wellness with treatments that provide the ideal combination of ancient Asian healing philosophies and modern Western techniques. Your dogs wellness is a large part of their overall happiness in and out of your home. Our Wellness programs are designed to help start and maintain well balanced canine health.

Wellness Consultation fee is $45.00

Program fee is $75.00 per session

Kanine Massage

Everyone can benefit from a massage, even your dog.  Providing a massage for you dog can help with their joints, anxiety and the hyperactive dog. Its a wonderful treatment to help your dog understand the calm-submissive and relaxed state of mind. Massages are done in the comforts of your home for the dogs benefit.


The benefits of therapeutic massage for our patient’s mirrors the benefits people receive:

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduction in muscle knots and spasms

  • Reduction in anxiety and stress

  • Improved relaxation and sleep

  • Reduction of pain

  • We also include Young Living Animal Essential oils

Treadmill Therapy

Like humans, dogs can become overweight. Treadmill therapy is a perfect way to manage weight and improve muscle tone. The treadmill is also beneficial for these dogs with an abundance of energy.


The Benefits of Treadmill Therapy:

  • prevent joint and bone disease

  • improve heart health

  • protect against diabetes

  • Treadmills also have the advantage that they can be used regardless of the weather, light, or time of day. Ideal for winter seasons

  • pet owners who are not physically able to walk their companions

  • Anxiety and or stress for rehabilitation

Kanine Water Therapy

Canine hydrotherapy is a form of hydrotherapy directed at the treatment of chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, and pre-operative or general fitness in dogs.



Water Therapy is proven to be beneficial for numerous conditions:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Spinal injuries and paralysis

  • Cruciate ligament problems

  • Post operative muscle regeneration and maintenance

  • Sprains and breaks

  • Relief of pain, swelling, arthritis, and stiffness

  • Obesity and weight management

  • Improvement of circulation and joint mobility

  • Great for general fitness and for when normal exercise is restricted. Good conditioning for agility, racing and working dogs and SWIMMING JUST FOR FUN!

Summer Only

Reiki Treatments by Jill Buckman - Animal Reiki Heals

Reiki is extremely gentle, painless and non-invasive, always safe and comfortable for both the dog and healer. It complements both conventional and alternative therapies. It heals at all levels of a dog’s being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is one of only a few therapies that brings no harm to any living thing – plant or animal – to produce its healing properties. It goes to those issues most in need of healing, even those unknown to the practitioner. Reiki treatments, especially those including mental and emotional healing, reach deeply within the animal to bring about a remarkable degree of healing on the emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki Sessions for Animals:

  • All sessions with animals and pets are offered in your home. As I believe that animals are equal partners in the healing process, it is up to them to determine the length of a treatment (usually 15-45 minutes), how to receive Reiki, and whether or not to receive a treatment on that particular day.