Training & Boarding Program

Our Training & Boarding Program is intended for training and behavior modification (rehabilitation).  What sets us apart from other training and boarding facilities, is that we focus on teaching you how to be your dogs leader. Providing you with all the skills presented to your dog during the program on a weekly basis while your dog stays with the trainer and continued training after the boarding program.


Boarding will be in the trainers home. Your dog will live with the trainer to under go training, rehabilitation and socializing skills. This program is intense and includes training sessions, mental & physical exercise, field trips and wellness programs to help any behavior problems your dog may have. A consult in your home, is needed to assess the situation and answer all questions and concerns.

  1. Mandatory for Training & Boarding students: One training session at the end of every week at the trainers home.

    Four scheduled training sessions in your home after the boarding program is complete with the trainer to ensure your dog understands the commands they have learned.  We want to ensure that your dog will not only listen to the trainers but will also comply to you as their leader once the boarding program is complete. These training sessions are included in the fees.

  2. Training is done in the trainers home and public locations. Your dog will have park visits, pet store trips, try their skills in agility, accompany the trainer to other training sessions and more. Our goal is to provide different options to perfect their skills.

  3. Payments: We offer payment plans for all clients. This can be discussed as we are flexible in payment options.

Training & Boarding Fees:

  • Puppy Training: $1050 for 7 days. This includes puppy home proofing, puppy rearing, crate training, potty training, puppy training course, social skills, field trips, wellness program and all boarding fees. 

  • Basic Training: $1610 for 14 days. This includes basic training course, social skills, field trips, wellness program and all boarding fees. 

  • Behavior Modification/ Rehabilitation: $1800 - $2500 for a minimum of 14 days up to 21 days. This includes training required, behavior modifications, wellness programs, social skills, field trips and all boarding fees.

  • $95 per day will be charged for additional training & boarding days required.

  • $300 - $500 will be due to hold Training & Boarding dates. The reservation fee is included in the total due. 

To sign up for Training & Boarding programs please contact Nichole to set up a consultation. 



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