Pet Care Services

We provide services for all of Rochester, NY

Pet Taxi

If your pet needs to be taken to any appointments while you are away, our pet taxi service can get them to and from safely.


Dog Walking

If you need help getting your dog the exercise they need, we are here to help. Length of walk depends on what the dog needs. We require your dog to be fully physically exercised and tired after the walk.


Potty Breaks

This service is good for apartment or condo living dogs who don't have access to a backyard or for families that work long hours. This is a 10-15 min visit only to allow potty breaks outdoors.


Pet Sitting

Offering daily (multiple) visits to your home that consist of the following:

Watering plants, rotating lights, bring in mail/paper, feeding all animals in the home. Picking up dog waste/cleaning litter box and giving all pets clean bowl of fresh water. Visits are from 30 minutes to 1 hour, allowing time for your dog to be let out as well. 

Daycare & Overnights

In the comforts of the trainers home, your dog will get one-on-one attention and care. Limited space is available.

Puppy Nanny

Our Puppy nannies will help you care for your puppy while you are working or are away from home. We can help you get your new addition acclimated to their new environment and help get them on a schedule.

Taking in a new puppy is a lot of work. They need to be feed 3 times a day, learn how to potty outside (puppies typically need to relieve themselves every 2-3 hours) and need stimulation for their growing bodies and development. Includes Play time, Feeding, Crate training, potty training and walking.


Administered Medicines

We can make sure your pets get the proper medication prescribed and at the proper times.