Pet Nutrition

What you feed your pet daily is one the most important decisions you can make regarding their health and well-being. It has been estimated that up to 80% of the ailments which plague our canine and feline companions are diet related. With the proper nutritional diet, the body can make its own repairs. Eating a quality biologically appropriate diet that includes meats, fruit and veggies is the best health insurance our pets can have.

From obesity, under weight, skin & fur issues, ear infections, anal problems, eye sight and more I can help you find the right diet for your pet to better their nutrition.

This course is mainly for Dogs and Cats but offered for ferrets, rodents, rabbits (bunnies), reptiles, birds and fish.

I provide the following:

  • Brief telephone consultations

  • Online courses are available for same price

  • Diets and advice for dogs and cats with medical issues

  • Custom tailored nutrition for dogs and cats living with cancer or other medical problems

  • Analysis of current feeding program for dogs and cats on kibble

  • Analysis of current raw/cooked diet feeding programs for dogs and cats

  • Diet supplementation for optimal health

  • Balanced home-cooked diet formulations

  • Advice for the budget conscience family

  • Follow up to ensure your pets nutrition is complete

Basic Nutrition Class - $35.00

Class include: 

  • Proper nutrition for puppies, kittens, adult and senior pets.

  • In home evaluation of your pets, their health and a comprehensive analysis of your pets current diet

  • Recommending natural kibble within the family budget

  • How to read pet food ingredients on the bag

  • Course on supplements to enhance kibble diets

Raw Nutrition Class - $50.00 per class

Classes include: 

  • Introduction to the world of Raw Feeding

  • Full course on commercial raw packaged foods

  • Full course on P.M.R. and B.A.R.F. Diets

  • Raw nutrition for puppies, kittens, adult and senior pets

  • Raw Feeding: How to feed with proper calculations, pricing and how to source

  • Trips to butchers and other sourcing stores to find raw deals

  • Weekly raw food planning course

  • Course on supplements needed for optimal health

  • Weekly follow up to ensure your pets nutrition is on track

I offer hands on approach to teaching this raw course. This course is very intricate and direction will be needed to fully understand the information given. This class is up to 6 classes as needed.

Custom recipe formulations for medical problems - $60 - $100 per class

​Classes include but not limited to:

  • Going over your pets medical paperwork or meeting with your vet to go over your pets health

  • In home evaluation of your pet(s), their health and a comprehensive analysis of your pets current diet

  • Home prepared meal plans to optimize your pets health

  • Course on supplements needed for optimal health

  • If possible products will be provided at the time of class

  • Follow up appointments to over see their diet and make any necessary changes

Dogs and cats with medical conditions such as allergies, auto-immune skin disorders, perianal fistulas, diabetes, renal/kidney disease, pancreatitis, food intolerance, heart disease, high blood lipids, cancer and many more ailments need specialized diets.

Some pets will not or can not eat commercially prepared over processed kibble especially if they encounter any medical complications. At times the kibble prescribed by a veterinarian can make the condition worse. I will formulate a biologically proper diet that is appropriate to aid and support the medical management of your pet’s condition while working with your vet to ensure your pets condition improves. This class is up to 6 classes if needed. First class is 2 hours.

Buddy's K9 Cooking Class - $140.00 per class

Learn how to cook for your dog! This 3 hour class will provide all the information you need to cook a biological appropriate balanced meal for your dog.

This class will include the following:​

  • Basic Food Chart & Benefits

  • How to transition from commercial processed foods to a fresh diet

  • How to provide a fully balanced diet including proper supplements

  • Feeding Guidelines

  • Shopping List

  • Homemade Dog Treats

  • Helpful & Harmful Foods

  • 4 pounds of measured prepared food

The classes will be held at the trainers home twice a month. To reserve your spot, send your $25 (non-refundable) payment to Nichole via Venmo or Paypal. The $25 will go towards the class fee of $140. This is a 3 hour class held at the teachers home. Please choose what class you would like to sign up for. Space is limited.  

Class Schedule:

  • October 24th, 2021 @ 2pm

  • November 14th 2021 @2pm


  • January 9th 2022 @2pm

  • January 23rd 2022 @2pm