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Emotional Support Dog Training

Emotional Support Dogs are for individuals that need their dog for their own personal emotional support. Emotional support necessity is determined by a medical professional (doctor / psychiatrist / mental health counselor).


Emotional Support Dogs cover needs such as PTSD, depression, suicide, autism, learning disorders, ADDD, ADHD, tic disorders, bipolar disorder, substance- related disorder (drugs and/or alcohol) etc. Support Dogs provide comfort, companionship and affection.  


If your medical professional and you determine that your dog needs to complete certain service dog tasks, then you must look into service dog training. Otherwise, emotional support dogs in themselves do NOT guarantee you access for housing, public places, etc. Emotional Support Dog training is solely for your benefit in your home and LIMITED public areas.

Emotional Support Dog training involves an extensive training process to ensure the dog meets our standards. Please understand the difference between an emotional support dog and a service dog.

The ADA, Federal, and State laws do NOT recognize emotional support dogs as service dogs. If a dog is solely being utilized to assist you with comfort it is NOT a service dog and is not awarded the same rights as a service dog. Your ESA (Emotional Support Animal) is only allowed in housing that typically does not allow pets or a specific breed. You will not be allowed to bring your ESA into public places that do not allow pets, including (airports, restaurants, local stores, etc). A service dog is needed for someone with a disability and the dog must complete tasks to make the owners life manageable or easier.

ESA Training Program:

  • Advanced Basic Training

  • Full desensitization in public areas

  • Training takes place in owners home and public places

  • Sessions are twice a week

  • Program length from 6 months to 1 year

Training Cost:

Starting at $1500 - $3000*

Payment options are as follows:

  • 50% of the total cost is due at the time of signing the training contract. Weekly payments will be due throughout the remaining training program


*Cost depends on behavior assessment with humans and other dogs.

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