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BKT  Pack Members

Jill Buckman - Reiki Master

Jill Renée Buckman is an Animal Healer and Communicator. She is also a Reiki Master and Intention Healing Phase 2 Facilitator who has had a passion for animals since childhood and a prevailing desire to help them. She was naturally drawn towards dogs as a child and has always felt a deep connection with all animals. When her dog was diagnosed with a rare form of inoperable cancer, she began her journey learning about and offering the powerful, yet gentle, spiritually guided Reiki energy to help to heal him. 

Nicole Hamler - Dog Trainer ABCDT  

& Pet Care Specialist

My love for animals comes from my parents. They raised me to respect, care, love, and stand up for all animals. Since I was young, family has been fostering and rehoming neglected dogs. From those experiences I've learned a lot about dogs and knew that I wanted to spend my life making a difference for them. I joined Animal Behavior College so I can build a career that helps animals live a better life. Now that I'm a certified dog trainer I can pursue my dreams and career. My dogs are my inspiration for what I do. I believe every dog can be helped. Every dog deserves a loving home. I strive to help every person truly understand their dog so they can appreciate their four legged companion.

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