BKT  Pack Members

Nichole Latham -Dog Trainer ABCDT

I grew up with dogs my whole life. My parents were a large part of my influence and decision to go into the Animal Industry as an advocate, supporter, and Dog Trainer. My parents have always encouraged me to work with animals. In 2007 a  6 week old Golden/Lab mix named Bella came into my life. I started with her training and 1 year later adopted Buddy my American Standard Black Lab. I soon started to fully train and rehabilitate my family and friends dogs.In April of 2009, I applied for Animal Behavior College, Dog Training/Behavior program and was accepted. I finished my courses in 2011. I am ABCDT Certified.My passion for helping dog owners better understand their dogs and communicate with them is what drives me. I don't breed discriminate and I work hard to fully satisfy my clients in the progress of their dogs and harmony in their home. 

Training Dogs Bella & Buddy

Bella and Buddy are Nichole's most trusted Labradors. They attend private lessons and group classes to help with training and socialization. Bella is Golden/Yellow Labrador mix, Buddy is an American Black Labrador. At the age of 8, Bella and Buddy have grown into their rolls as calm-submissive and fun loving kanines.

Casey Learch-Dog Trainer ABCDT, Groomer & Pet Care Specialist 

Hello I have lived in Rochester NY my entire life. Ever since I can remember, I have always been around animals. My mother and I have such a deep love for them. I adopted a puppy of my own named Penelopy, she is a Pomeranian/ Poodle mix.I have struggled, until recently about what I have wanted to do with my life. Everyone has always said that I should be a veterinarian however I would never be able to do all the things a vet is suppose to do. I truly believe it would break my heart, even though I know I would be helping, I would never want to see an animal in such discomfort or pain. I was able to work with a woman out in Fairport, NY who was a dog groomer and had her business in her home. I highly enjoyed working with her and she was able to teach me so much about dog grooming. I worked for her for a little over two years and that experience is what turned the light bulb inside my head about working more in depth with animals. I then joined the Animal Behavioral College course to become professional dog obedience trainer. I enjoy every thing I am learning and it has taken me on a direction I never thought was possible. It is very exciting and I can not wait to extend my knowledge with others in regards to making their pets the best companions possible while also at the same time building relationships with people. I am looking forward to the new opportunities and start to build my career.

Jill Buckman - Reiki Master

Jill Renée Buckman is an Animal Healer and Communicator. She is also a Reiki Master and Intention Healing Phase 2 Facilitator who has had a passion for animals since childhood and a prevailing desire to help them. She was naturally drawn towards dogs as a child and has always felt a deep connection with all animals. When her dog was diagnosed with a rare form of inoperable cancer, she began her journey learning about and offering the powerful, yet gentle, spiritually guided Reiki energy to help to heal him. 

Nicole Hamler - Dog Trainer ABCDT  

& Pet Care Specialist

My love for animals comes from my parents. They raised me to respect, care, love, and stand up for all animals. Since I was young, family has been fostering and rehoming neglected dogs. From those experiences I've learned a lot about dogs and knew that I wanted to spend my life making a difference for them. I joined Animal Behavior College so I can build a career that helps animals live a better life. Now that I'm a certified dog trainer I can pursue my dreams and career. My dogs are my inspiration for what I do. I believe every dog can be helped. Every dog deserves a loving home. I strive to help every person truly understand their dog so they can appreciate their four legged companion.

Shauna Tortorella - Pet Care Specialist

I have always had a deep love and respect for dogs and all animals. Growing up I always knew I wanted to pursue that love in my career.  My family has taught me to love and respect all living creatures.  I am currently enrolled at MCC; and will be getting my bachelors from SUNY Brockport in Recreation and Leisure with a concentration in Animal therapy. It is my goal to learn all I can to help myself, animals, and animal humans.  I feel there is always room to learn new things and grow as an individual.  I am outgoing and always like to try new things.  I especially love to learn as much as I can about the things I love.  I believe I can make a difference in the world one person at a time.